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Career Move?.........Job Hunting?.........Looking For A Change?

Making the right move is never easy. Searching for the right job is always extremely stressful.

Identifying the ideal career change can be, to say the least, confusing.


What is "out there", what are current salary levels?  Can I change industry sectors and are my skills in fact transferable? Should I have moved before now?


So many questions concerning a decision that will have an important impact on your life.

With over twenty five years experience in Recruitment we feel pretty confident that we at GF Associates will have most of the answers and we are fully committed to sharing that experience with you.


We can guide you, counsel you and direct you. We can and will offer constructive appraisals, and criticisms, of your CV and your approach to making that all important move.

We have probably experienced virtually every pitfall, twist and turn that our Recruitment Industry has to offer - we have been around the Industry long enough to celebrate the successes - and suffer the bruises.


We will tell you what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and why, and you can have input into the process at every stage.

All of our consultants have an up-to-date knowledge of the marketplace and can assess which of our many blue chip and SME clients can offer you a role that will maximise your potential and provide a fit for your personal needs. 

   Quality Recruitment in Practice

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